Unsaintly shirts are in


No Rest for the Wicked

Alright my little sinners. The update for the paperback: it has been released and is available to buy online through Lulu.com, and we'll be available via Amazon and others in a couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for all of your support. It means a lot to me, sincerely. As soon as all my materials [...]

Friday! Get Your Copy!

If you didn't get your reserved copy of The Unsaintly tshirt it is not too late. This is the only place to get it. I know that some of you were waiting until today and got lucky, I still have a couple of small, couple of med, and one large left. I'm going to keep [...]

The Unsaintly Pre-Order, Free Limited Ed. TShirt!

Please remember that I have LIMITED T-Shirts available (30 to be precise!), so PLEASE order Quickly and let me know what size TShirt you need. Once I run out that's it. The price of the book, will go up. This is an introductory price for pre-order and you can only get it HERE! LOCAL BOOK PRE [...]