Unsaintly shirts are in


The Unsaintly (eBook) – Lulu

http://www.lulu.com/shop/lisa-vasquez/the-unsaintly/ebook/product-21732205.html Here's the epub version. Kindle and other versions in the processing phase.

No Rest for the Wicked

Alright my little sinners. The update for the paperback: it has been released and is available to buy online through Lulu.com, and we'll be available via Amazon and others in a couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for all of your support. It means a lot to me, sincerely. As soon as all my materials … Continue reading No Rest for the Wicked

Friday! Get Your Copy!

If you didn't get your reserved copy of The Unsaintly tshirt it is not too late. This is the only place to get it. I know that some of you were waiting until today and got lucky, I still have a couple of small, couple of med, and one large left. I'm going to keep … Continue reading Friday! Get Your Copy!

The Unsaintly Pre-Order, Free Limited Ed. TShirt!

Please remember that I have LIMITED T-Shirts available (30 to be precise!), so PLEASE order Quickly and let me know what size TShirt you need. Once I run out that's it. The price of the book, will go up. This is an introductory price for pre-order and you can only get it HERE! LOCAL BOOK PRE … Continue reading The Unsaintly Pre-Order, Free Limited Ed. TShirt!