The Anti God: Birth

The Teaser for Book 2   Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. THE ANTI GOD Part II of THE UNSAINTLY Series CHAPTER 1 | IN THE BEGINNING In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was … Continue reading The Anti God: Birth


Once Upon a Time..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I will be updating a little less often. The second book has begun its creation and I must tend to it. I will update when I can, so stay tuned. Click the subscribe button, the "like" button, the "add" button, the "follow" button, and download button (for the app). You never know … Continue reading Once Upon a Time..

Cover Question. You decide!

Since the little "snafu" with the first release of the book, I decided to let you guys decide the finish on the new and improved (fingers crossed) version of The Unsaintly. Take the poll and decide!  

Keeping my sense of humor

OK. Let me give you guys the run down and just ramble a little. Rambling helps me keep my sanity. I don't know if you can keep yours while I ramble but right now, I just need to do it, and I'm no where near my "writing tablet" so I can't work on the second book. I'm also … Continue reading Keeping my sense of humor

Stop The Presses…IMPORTANT!

Sigh...   Okay so it is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that I have decided to pull and retire The Unsaintly book and I will be Re-Releasing it because apparently when I edited the book the first time, I must have confused the files and approved the wrong one. I … Continue reading Stop The Presses…IMPORTANT!

Lisa Vasquez In da House!

Lisa Vasquez In da House!. Drop by my friend, Heath's page and check out the interview 🙂 Then zoom on by my friend's page and check out some of his work because I only surround myself with greatness. Heath Stallcup Official GoodReads

Catching Up Before the Tempest

Hello everyone and good morning! I wanted to catch up with you guys and put some proper wordage (that's my new word) down before I go into hideaway status to start on Book Two to The Unsaintly series. Firstly, my thanks to the loyal fans that hung around while I put together this whole thing. … Continue reading Catching Up Before the Tempest