Dear Hollywood Producers…

I see a lot of reboots going on in Hollywood.  So what's the dang deal?  Seriously, what's going on?  I can only assume that Hollywood big wigs have been locked against their will in a cellar. And as an added punishment they're forced to read books that are generic, overdone,  and have watered down plots. … Continue reading Dear Hollywood Producers…


When do we take responsibility?

Yesterday/Last Night, Typhoon Texas was admonished for an event that got out of control. This is a brand new business that has landed here in Katy, Texas, and the event was for a Christian Teen "Lock-In" party. From Channel 2 News, Houston:  Although many parents have complained, Typhoon Texas says attendees did not follow policy and … Continue reading When do we take responsibility?

Trying to Keep it Up

As you all know, the past month (at least, I lost track) has been filled with storms, rain, flooding, rinse and repeat, here in Texas. It has been gloom, to say the very least. I suffer from severe migraines and have, up until now, had them under control until this weather began. The entire month … Continue reading Trying to Keep it Up

The Immortal Sols: A work in progress

When Darkness is infiltrated by a light it is up to Ladon, the Lord of the Dragons to seek out the source and destroy it. He soon learns that any attempt to damage the source becomes an attack on himself. The King tries to keep it a secret as the law states that any sovereign … Continue reading The Immortal Sols: A work in progress

The Unhowling: A Work in Progress

793 A.D. Northumberland, England Lindisfarne Monastery Alkuin is a banished priest who struggles to maintain a secret held far from the reach of the people of England when an attack by a Viking ship forces him to unleash a beast so dangerous it could change mankind forever. The Catholic Church called it an abomination but … Continue reading The Unhowling: A Work in Progress

Just a little sick of it…

I'm going to rant today. I really need it. I'm sick of keeping things bottled up and fearing the repercussions of what might occur if I spoke up about my own feelings. But not anymore. Because my feelings are right. They are feelings of anger for the violence that is committed against innocent lives. It's … Continue reading Just a little sick of it…

Getting personal with Sitched Smiles Publications and Lisa Vasquez

From the Roadie Notes! This interview was a pleasure to do. Thank you, Becky and Jeff!

Roadie Notes

Written by: A.J. Brown and Becky Narron

I have met many authors, bloggers and publishers in my journey in the publishing and writing business, but none of them quite like Lisa Vasquez and Stitched Smiles Publications. Lisa has a fire burning in her for this business that you can see a million miles away. She demands the best from her staff and authors and they are all happy to oblige her. She refuses to put out crap and will not bend the rules on that. She is a force to be reckoned with and will happily slay any demons that come her way. She has a great team of editors that work tirelessly, and a marketing manager that will make your head spin with her amazing skills, as well as a video department working on incredible things.

It isn’t about the publisher for her. It is about the authors…

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