Heartbreak Called Parenting

As a parent, there is nothing like the day you first meet your child.  Whether natural born, or adopted, there is nothing like it at all.  That ltitle person imprints their face on your heart and soul until the day you die.  The heartache comes when you face your failures.   If you've never been … Continue reading Heartbreak Called Parenting


Roller Coaster Muse

I realized that it's almost August and once more life caught up with me. Each time it does, I'm reminded of the Ferris Bueller quote, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Such is the life of an author turned publisher. I wouldn't … Continue reading Roller Coaster Muse

Now That I Have Your Attention

That title always seems to draw people in.  It's like a magnet. The piper leading the parade.  For some reason we all want to know, what is it that should hold your attention?   Well duh! A new book!  It's already been on Amazon's top 100! Congrats to everyone else featured, especially those debuting.  A … Continue reading Now That I Have Your Attention

Minions (Open Call to Twitter Thug)

If you're reading this thinking there's going to be something about falling in love with a young thug, you're going to be disappointed. This message is really me venting. I know, I know. Most of my posts are. But well...it's my blog and it's best that I get it out. I find most times, I'm … Continue reading Minions (Open Call to Twitter Thug)

Lives Matter: Make the Media Accountable

This is a touchy subject. There is violence being escalated and people being manipulated. Open your eyes. I don't care about the heat I'll take for this post. The violence has to stop. Violence is not a new phenomenon. We've waged war on our brothers and sisters since the dawn of time. From the time … Continue reading Lives Matter: Make the Media Accountable