How does a book come to life when its author is a withdrawn person who’d rather be writing than talking to people most of the time. It’s not that I don’t enjoy meeting new people. At one point, I was actually tagged as the “social butterfly”. I’m not sure how, but it happened. And it was emotionally and mentally overstimulating. There were times I would go into bouts of depression over it. People would say that I had too much empathy and would absorb both negative and positive energy from people. I really believe that. “Artists” tend to have that in common. In fact, I’ve always admired paintings by artists that were able to convey that pain and emotion through their work. Do you know the type? The ones you stand in front of and nearly weep, for no other reason than feeling what the artist put into the creation?

It’s a gift and a curse.

None the less, I write because I don’t want to in the limelight. I want my characters to have that privilege. They are the real stars. The story, emotion, events, drama…it’s all about them. I’m content to be behind the curtain. To watch them grow and interact with each and every one of you.

I’m working on the social thing, I promise. I have vowed to interact with other bloggers, other artists, and other authors. They need just as much encouragement as I do.

And as always, my supporters will have nothing but my undying devotion. For it is because of you that my characters have life at all.


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