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hwa_unfleshedI always feel like a newb whenever I see my book cover somewhere and I squeal. The sound is somewhere between a dolphin call and a monkey  screech. But here it is, up on the Horror Writers Association page. That’s is probably the closest I’ll get to #VinDiesel, too! (I’ll take it.)

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The Immortal Sols: A work in progress

When Darkness is infiltrated by a light it is up to Ladon, the Lord of the Dragons to seek out the source and destroy it. He soon learns that any attempt to damage the source becomes an attack on himself. The King tries to keep it a secret as the law states that any sovereign in a weakened state may be challenged in a match to the death.

Will Ladon learn how to destroy the source?
Or will his brethren learn of his secret and destroy him first?

Welcome to the Reign of the De Sols

Family Tree

The Unhowling: A Work in Progress

793 A.D. Northumberland, England
Lindisfarne Monastery

Alkuin is a banished priest who struggles to maintain a secret held far from the reach of the people of England when an attack by a Viking ship forces him to unleash a beast so dangerous it could change mankind forever. The Catholic Church called it an abomination but will it save them from a fate much worse?

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The Unhowling

Book Two Arrives!

The Unsaintly Chronicles: The Anti-God

Though she was born to a noble family, Isabel Augustus had shown a love for piety, humility and servitude at a very young age. In a world of darkness, her light far outshone those around her, attracting the attention of both Heaven and Hell. When Isabel’s simple actions as a mortal catch the eye of God, who showers her in his blessings and attentions, Lucifer’s jealousy rears its ugly head once more.

The age old contention between father and son results in a tug-of-war over her very soul when Lucifer begins to show her his own attention. They will soon find out that there is another who seeks out the soul of their precious Isabel. Will Isabel’s faith be enough to save her and those she loves? Or will she give up her immortal soul to keep the end of the world at bay?

Helping Our Armed Forces! + Happy New Year Note from Me!

Author Armand Rosamilia is taking donations to help our Armed Forces by sending them books! This cause has taken off which is the good news. The bad news is that it is very expensive! If you’d like to help, follow the information below and thank you for your help in advance.

Armand Rosamilia:
We take them either by PayPal (sent to armandrosamilia@gmail.com) or you can mail a check (made out to me, we’re not a company or anything) with the books or by buying a shirt that will go live tomorrow… or any combination of the three!

If you’d like to purchase a book for a member of the Armed Forces from me — each one will be signed, of course– the cost is $20. This will cover the book, and the postage for me to send it to Armand. Please email me at unsaintly@gmail.com OR send a payment through paypal to unsaintly@gmail.com and make sure you notate it with ARMED FORCES DONATION. 

Note from Me is below! 

It is New Years Eve… I’d like to take this time to thank every one of you for such an amazing year. It’s hard being such a private person to live in the small limelight that I’ve been in but it has also been very rewarding.

Most of my life has been spent taking care of others and that has probably brought me the most joy in my life. I helped care for my dad who was terminally ill for many years with end stage renal failure. I helped care for my brother and sister while my mother worked overtime to help pay for all the bills. I helped care for my very ill grandmother. And then as I grew older, I was a stay at home mother to four amazing children.

There is nothing more humbling and fulfilling as knowing you are so heavily relied on.

When I finally decided to write my book, the hardest part was that my father(s) – bio & step – and my grandmother, never got a chance to witness the accomplishment. I have no regrets about putting them first I just wish I could’ve shared the moment with them.

Most people have a bucket list for 40. Mine was to finish The Unsaintly. I did it! The book I’d been writing for ten years was finally done. It survived 4 computer crashes, a move to two new homes, notes scribbled on a napkin, and much more. It’s a rough gem but it’s mine. I wrote it for my family and friends, I wrote it for those who inspired me, and for people who brought me through the darkest hours of my life without ever knowing they did.

But most importantly… I wrote it for me. To show myself that I could do – and finish – whatever I put my mind to.

The unexpected reward.. Is all of you.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

The Unsaintly – Best Sellers in Historical Thrillers

You’ve seen The Exorcist. You’ve seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Maybe you’ve seen The Rite.

Now meet Isabel, the daughter of Louis VIII and the Blanche of Castile. Go through the experience first hand. Be introduced to Marciel, the fledgling angel who must record her experience for the Great Book. Walk with him as he sheds his feathers, giving up everything he knew.

The Unsaintly is the prologue to a series where Shakespeare meets The Exorcist and weaves terror into an elegant but tragic tale.

The Unsaintly will continue with epic battles of biblical standard, creatures from the book of Revelations mingled and set against those created from the dark mind of Author Lisa Vasquez


*warning – mature audiences only


FREE!! For a limited time only!!

For those of you that have been waiting for the FREE version of The Unsaintly — Here it is!


This is the prologue of the series where the lines of truth and fantasy blur — Where the book of Revelations comes to life and the riveting, epic battles of the apocalypse grip you until you question everything from Heaven, Hell to the fate of your very soul.

If you post a review, please let me know!