I’ve decided to add some reviews to my page because I think it will help me not only become a better writer, give back to those that have helped me but also to offer help to those that are just starting out, as well.

I have a few stipulations for those that submit their stories for reviews:

1. I’m honest but fair. I will give as much information as I can. Don’t expect favoritism even if we’re friends. I feel that sugar coating or lying will only be detrimental to the both of us. However, I will go over things with you before posting anything just in case you’d like to change something I’ve suggested.

2. I am super busy. Kids, Full-time work, my own projects. It doesn’t leave much for extra-curricular but I will get to them as soon as I can. If there is an urgency that you can justify we might work something out.

3. I do not get paid for reviews. If you want editing, we’ll discuss payment. If you want book covers, we’ll discuss payment. This page is strictly about reviews.

4. I reserve the right to refuse, add, or revise rules as I see fit.


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