NEW RELEASE! “The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride”

This is LIVE, NOW! Paperback is coming in a few days but it is live for ebook from these two links. The first link will have universal carriers as they are added (but may take a little while) The second is your typical Amazon link:


The Unsaintly Chronicles – 5 star review

Paul Dale Anderson reviewed The Unsaintly, Vol. 1 Interesting concept October 16, 2015 So here is a spoiler alert. I will give a five or four star rating to a novel that has marvelous potential in order to encourage that author to continue writing. One such writer is Lisa Vasquez, author of The Unsaintly (Create … Continue reading The Unsaintly Chronicles – 5 star review

Celebrate October with Horror

*******STOP THE PRESSES******* FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE Come visit me and click on the giveaway!  Once the page gets to 500 there will be a pile of free stuff given away to a few lucky winners! We have The lovely author of ZOMBIE SEED, PM Barnes who will make you blush and slap … Continue reading Celebrate October with Horror