Happy Dance

hwa_unfleshedI always feel like a newb whenever I see my book cover somewhere and I squeal. The sound is somewhere between a dolphin call and a monkey  screech. But here it is, up on the Horror Writers Association page. That’s is probably the closest I’ll get to #VinDiesel, too! (I’ll take it.)

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Now That I Have Your Attention

That title always seems to draw people in.  It’s like a magnet. The piper leading the parade.  For some reason we all want to know, what is it that should hold your attention?  

Well duh! A new book! 

It’s already been on Amazon’s top 100! Congrats to everyone else featured, especially those debuting. 

A special thank you to the fans, and stalkers that boosted traffic, enabling the site to hit the top of the search engines, so others could see and buy my books.  It’s been a great week!  You guys rock! 

Authors and the Readers: The Bond

Authors have a very personal relationship with readers. It’s intimate in the way a love song can produce children whoare conceived to a verse drifting in and out between a couple lulled into a moment bursting with romance (okay-okay, usually angst filled and passionate). It can bring a person to rock bottom, or bring them higher than the clouds. Same with writing, and the person behind the ink.  Their words can change a life, invoke a movement, inspire, and at the same time they can reach a silent piece of your soul the reader thought no one could ever find. 

For those reasons alone, readers feel a connection and cling to this invisible bond. So why is it that many “big” authors are so elusive? 

I can think of a few reasons.  Writers are introverted a lot of the times.  Socially awkward. Have the luxury of anonymity. Our they’ve been scared emotionally by a scene where, in Stephen King’s novel MISERY, the author is kidnapped, tortured, and forced to write a story the way a fan insists it should be written.  I admit the last reason is pretty compelling. 

However, indie authors have no other way to gain support unless they have a large sum of money to advertise. They do author take overs, they do guest blogs, they run their own author pages, etc.

You may think I’m complaining but actually I’m excited about this.  I mean if the Queen of the Vampires, Anne Rice,  can be on her own Facebook page engaging loving fans then I see no reason that every author cannot, or will not, do the same.

If you’re in bed with your reader, (doesn’t everyone read in bed? ) you can at least chat with them when they come in contact with you.  In this digital age of accessibility, anyone not establishing a bond with a fan/reader is missing an opportunity. Not only to create loyalty…but in creating friendship and a source of support.

Gone are the days of being aloof, and elusive. Here are the days of being genuine and inviting.  Get to know your readers. They are your primary investors,  and occupy chairs on your board.  If you lose your readers, you might as well hang up your quill.

Happy Saturday!

Good morning everyone! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one up at this hour on the weekend but that’s ok. I’m lying in bed reflecting on the year and feeling accomplished. I have only my friends, family, and fans to thank for it.

This year I’ve made big steps in the saturated world of writing. I’ve acquired the position of publisher’s liaison for the Horror Writers Association, put out the follow up to The Unsaintly (The Unsaintly Chronicles: The Anti God), designed the covers of Kindra Sowder’s Executioner series, put together a magazine due out in November (Inked Muse Press), joined a fantastic team as a collaborating writer at Horror Addicts (horroraddicts.net), as well as #GoGetItLife (gogetitlife.com), and began my training as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line (crisistextline.com).

Whew. Let me take a breath.

In this journey I’ve discovered a lot about myself. Whatever you put it to the world you will receive.

When I put my first book out it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. I wondered if it was good enough. Being self published for the first time, there were snags…formatting messed the book up, editing mistakes that I caught after the fact..all the horrific things every author could ever imagine. I even got a taste of internet trolls who serve no other purpose than to bring people down for their own amusement.

This year I’ve also learned that I have an auto immune disease (Sjogren’s Syndrome), and it has wreaked havoc on my body, how I function, and how I mentally get through everyday. It has been a huge challenge to my already busy life. I presently suffer through chronic, severe migraines..I don’t have time for anything more. But life has a funny way of reminding you that you are not the captain of the Life Ship.

There have been some catastrophic events occur this year, but I’m grateful for the small, happy moments and choose to focus on those.

My second born son has made me a grandmother. Unexpected? Oh yes! I’m still fairly young, and so is he. But Haven is here and I fell in love with that tiny boy just like I did with my son when he was born. And now my son will start to understand the pure heartbreak that comes along with the overwhelming love associated with having a child.

I do my best to keep the fans in the loop without smothering them. I know, for me, it can tedious seeing “buy my shit” over and over. Big house authors have this kind of freedom from that because they have a publisher and agent to push the money issue while the author just has to show up and engage with the fan base. Sure they have to promote and what not, but not like the indie author who is their own agent, promoter, publicist, etc.

I’m not whining at all. I love to do all that but it does get hard to find the balance.

I would love to sit and do nothing but engage the reader but it gets hard when your budget limits giveaways and the fans are (understandably) drawn to swag. Trust me, I’m still in fan mode, and I get it! I’m also a collector so it’s been another lesson in balance lol.

I guess my point in reflecting this morning is to let you all know that even though I cannot shower you with swag…you’re so appreciated. Thank you for getting me to where I am, regardless of how meager that place is. I intend to remain as humble as I am in this moment regardless of how high the tower goes. Life is such a gift. I don’t want to miss the “now” moments. This “now” moment is about gratefulness and serenity.

Have a fantastic weekend.

How about Meet the Fans?

Thank you to those that submitted pics with you and your book!










Oyer Et Terminer


This artist has some visually stunning pieces. A few made me catch my breath!  Definitely helps the creative juices. Thought I’d share with you guys.

Have you stopped by Facebook to check that like button? You should!  The sooner I build that medium the sooner I do more for The Unsaintly fans!  I’m not sure why that is, but it’s some rule they put in place. You must have x-amount of fans before you can do this or that. Gee, thanks!

Anyway, stop on by. Invite some friends. Let’s make it a party.


No Rest for the Wicked

Alright my little sinners. The update for the paperback: it has been released and is available to buy online through Lulu.com, and we’ll be available via Amazon and others in a couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for all of your support. It means a lot to me, sincerely. As soon as all my materials come in for those that pre-ordered the book with the t-shirt and those that graciously donated, I will get them out to you.

Now for Hard Cover and e-book news: These will be released shortly and will have something special with it as well. That will be announced later.

I’m trying to get The Unsaintly Facebook fan page up in numbers so I can do offers and contests but I need your help. Please share and recruit people to like the fan page!

I love you guys!