NEW RELEASE! “The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride”

This is LIVE, NOW! Paperback is coming in a few days but it is live for ebook from these two links. The first link will have universal carriers as they are added (but may take a little while) The second is your typical Amazon link:


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Amazon We Have A Problem!

In the pursuit of the American Dream, authors of the Indie persuasion are being held back and consumers are being censored. Listen, I get it OK? One rotten apple ruins the bunch and people are going to do stupid things to get ahead. Like have fake reviews on their books, for a start. Thank you [...]

The Unsaintly App, Now On GOOGLE APPS!

I feel so fancy and accomplished 🙂 Now you guys can go and download it right from the Google Playstore. Click HERE and collect your VIP Seat to all things ME and The Unsaintly 🙂   The Unsaintly App Everyone that sends in a screen shot of the app on their phone to my FACEBOOK will [...]