Nuclear Solstice (Unedited, WIP)

So this story is a work in progress. Posting them here motivates me. I am trying to be more consistent and show my writing style. Most people know me as the CEO of Stitched Smile Publications but don't know who I am as a writer. I want to change that. I'm a woman of many crowns and writing happens … Continue reading Nuclear Solstice (Unedited, WIP)


Get Serious About Writing

Having done enough conventions and literary panels this year, I wanted to address the question I seem to get most often: How do I stay on track? Many authors, especially those are who "new" to the craft, struggle with this but it is not exclusive to them. Veteran authors have this issue, too. So how do … Continue reading Get Serious About Writing

Blood and Champagne

I'm going to try something different. I want this to be an ongoing story you get only here on my site. Keep in mind, it is pre-editor status. (What do you think you get for free! :D) Once a week, I will post a new addition to the story. If you enjoy it, please leave a … Continue reading Blood and Champagne

Whiskey Bullet (unedited)

Another short story, unedited, for fun. WHISKEY BULLET BY LISA VASQUEZ © Lisa Vasquez All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, or distributed, without the prior written permission  Saturday: Guys Night “Get your ass in gear, Chad. We’re leaving in ten minutes,” Mark yelled up to a window facing the drive. … Continue reading Whiskey Bullet (unedited)

Bunny and Clyde (Short Story)

The following short story was featured in Collected Easter Horror Shorts. If you want to read more twisted tales, please click on the book and follow the link! Bunny and Clyde By Lisa Vasquez   ©Lisa Vasquez All Rights Reserved All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, or distributed, without the prior … Continue reading Bunny and Clyde (Short Story)

Let’s Get Real

I guess today I want to open up a little more about overcoming "issues" as an author and owner of a company who must be in spotlight. When I first began writing, my biggest fear was having to meet people and having my life be on display. As an author, you make yourself vulnerable to … Continue reading Let’s Get Real

A Little of This, A Little of That

Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog post, the idea is clear in my head. As soon as my fingers hit the keys, I let out a sigh and realize it is a chaotic mess. I attempt to get all the ideas down into one post and discover I need to break them … Continue reading A Little of This, A Little of That