Women in Horror: Donelle Pardee Whiting (Pt 1)

I’m not going to do an interview for this. I already know Donelle. Not only is she my Editor-in-Chief (so I’m probably going to get slapped around for doing this post without her final “OK”), she’s one of my best friends.

I started Stitched Smile Publications in January of 2016. I’m proud to say that in a genre-world dominated by men, this company is mostly women. It was not intentionally created that way. I was merely blessed with finding that many talented women who wanted to help me. I put out a call, the women answered. (By the way, men. There’s always a call for help out there if you’d like to even the playing field!)

Donelle is not only a fantastic editor. She’s an awesome writer. She co-authored Strigoi: The First Family and Strychnine, with Michael S. Freeman. She also has a short story in Unleashed: Monsters Vs. Zombies, and will have more coming up this year. I’m excited and honored to have her, and her works as part of the Stitched Smile Publications catalog.

One of Donelle’s strongest points is how good she makes the rest of us look. Indie publishing is filled with editing snafus and with Donelle’s help, we ensure that all of our books get combed through for all the nits and bugs. No one’s perfect … but bestie comes damn close.

Donelle has worked as a investigative journalist in the past and it gives her that curious edge that I love about her. She’s constantly poking for the “Why” and the “Who” of our work. She analyzes it down to the basic word structure, but also loves it from the reader’s point of view. She listens to the author’s voice and helps them fine tune it until the voice is strong and polished.

At SSP, we call Donelle, “The Gate Keeper” (better looking than Zuul, by a landslide) because nothing passes until she’s got every nook and cranny shined up, cleaned up and ready for print. That amount of pride and respect, not only for the author, but for me and SSP as a whole, is hard to come by. It is one of the million reasons I love her.

Editors don’t get enough credit. So I’m beginning this February’s Women in Horror with an homage to the amazing Donelle Pardee Whiting. Keep tuning in and find out more and if you can’t wait here’s a link to keep you tied over.


See you Feburary 1st! Keep it scary.


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Introducing Stitched Smile Publications!

Hey everyone! First I’d like to thank everyone for all the support you’ve always provided me. I’ve begun a kickstart for my new company. I’ve been involved in so many smaller things the last few years that many probably think I’m ADD. That’s partially true but all those little side projects have led me here. Money that I’ve made prior to now has gone into releasing and marketing The Unsaintly, and gaining the right programs and hands on experience with the publishing world. I’m by no means an expert but I’ve helped a lot of people and I’ve worked even harder to establish a reputation of having good work ethic, being reliable and of course being honest.

This year has been a hard one for a lot of you so my request is that if you cannot, or don’t feel comfortable, helping me with this company monetarily would you please do something as small as sharing this link?

The company has evolved on it’s own without me even saying a word. My staff is amazing, I have fantastic friends, and so much faith and encouragement from everyone..that I already have FOUR books just waiting to be produced and placed in your hands. We also have a magazine that’s set to make its debut in about 2 weeks.

All of this I’ve done with with my own funds.

Thank you again for all of your continued support!

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Book Two Arrives!

The Unsaintly Chronicles: The Anti-God

Though she was born to a noble family, Isabel Augustus had shown a love for piety, humility and servitude at a very young age. In a world of darkness, her light far outshone those around her, attracting the attention of both Heaven and Hell. When Isabel’s simple actions as a mortal catch the eye of God, who showers her in his blessings and attentions, Lucifer’s jealousy rears its ugly head once more.

The age old contention between father and son results in a tug-of-war over her very soul when Lucifer begins to show her his own attention. They will soon find out that there is another who seeks out the soul of their precious Isabel. Will Isabel’s faith be enough to save her and those she loves? Or will she give up her immortal soul to keep the end of the world at bay?

November 9th Woodlands Texas

Hello everyone!  Are you looking for something to do this weekend?  How about stopping by the Lonestar Horror And Pop Culture Convention in the Woodlands?  Support your local artists and have a little fun while you’re at it. We’ll see you there!