Guest Post: Thomas Malafarina “Jacob’s Tree”

By Thomas M. Malafarina © 2018 Thomas M. Malafarina The old tree stood alone on an island of dirt in the middle of the corn field, the only tree remaining of the original crop of more than a dozen. The others had all died out over the years. This tree with its gnarled, twisted trunk … Continue reading Guest Post: Thomas Malafarina “Jacob’s Tree”


Guest Post: Jae Mazer

Feel the Death By Jae Mazer The rickety bus creaked and heaved, fumes vomiting from its tailpipe as it trembled down the old road. Mia and Sachia held on to each other, watching as the barren wasteland outside raced by the windows. “We’ll be there promptly, girls.” The driver’s voice was wet and wrapped in … Continue reading Guest Post: Jae Mazer

Guest Post: Ezekiel Kincaid

The Crucifixion of Lilith By Ezekiel Kincaid “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”- Genesis 1:27 “After God created Adam, who was alone, he said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ He then created a woman for … Continue reading Guest Post: Ezekiel Kincaid

Guest Blogger: Billy Stuart, “Samhain”

This piece is brought to you by Billy Stuart! One of the ScaryDad creators and podcasters, here in Houston, TX. I met Billy when he submitted to the Hydrophobia Anthology to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and became fast friends. It's my pleasure to share his writing prompt below. As always, make sure to catch … Continue reading Guest Blogger: Billy Stuart, “Samhain”

Guest Post: Jessica Raney

THE LESSON by JESSICA RANEY Her dress was new. Well, new to her, anyway, a hand-me-down from a cousin, light blue, dotted with little white embroidered flowers. The fabric was thin in places and some of the little flowers had unraveled, but washed and pressed carefully, the dress had new life. She twirled in a … Continue reading Guest Post: Jessica Raney

Guest Post: Simon Critchell, “The Picture”

Hey guys! Please help me welcome a guest post by Simon Critchell. Simon has a book coming out in the Fall from Stitched Smile Publications and we thought it would be cool to start the month of June off with a little sample of his work. Please check out his bio at the end and … Continue reading Guest Post: Simon Critchell, “The Picture”